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Performance Capture Artist

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  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Posted 1 week ago
  • May 29, 2021


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The Performance Capture Artist is responsible for delivering high quality character Motion Capture animations for feature film. They work closely alongside the Animation team to make sure the actors performance is brought to the 3d space accurately and effectively.

Provides an in-between to raw mocap data and final animations, taking the data and make it usable within Maya for Animation and Layout
Animates with an eye for detail, completing the matching of a performance on the plate when the software may be incapable of getting the performance 100%
Combines various types of capture, whether that be; facial, body, object or camera and making them all function in unison together.
Uses varying quality face rigs and achieve their peak performance

Minimum two (2) years of experience in a similar role within the live action visual effects industry for feature films
Strong anatomical understanding of the human face and fundamental understanding natural poses
Some familiarity with the Facial Action Coding System(FACS) and Action Units(AU) will be beneficial.
Knowledge of 3D animation tool-sets and comprehensive knowledge of Maya is required
Great eye for detail and precision with strong problem solving skills and able to self-evaluate their work
A good knowledge base for Faceware or other face capture software
Able to deliver results to a high standard with the aid and direction of the Performance Capture leads and supervisors
A broad understanding of the overall VFX workflow and needs/requirements of other departments and disciplines
Ability to be adaptable and accepting of changes in a production schedule
Capable of delivering work to deadlines
Good communication skills both technically and creatively
Team player who thrives in a collaborative environment.
Unreal Engine experience will be beneficial

We offer extended medical, disability and dental insurance.

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