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Welcome to the VCGA Job Portal!

VCGA (Vancouver Computer Graphic Artists) is an organization that was originally founded in 2012, running monthly events called ‘VanCG Meetup’. Our primary goals are to connect people interested or in the VFX and CG industry with each other, VFX & CG companies, and to offer training and workshops. We also offer monthly social events and guest speaker events.

The VCGA Job Portal was created specifically to help connect job seekers with local and international companies easily. We feel that having a resource like this is a great way to help the VFX industry as a whole, as well as the local Vancouver job market. There is an amazing amount of talent in this industry, and we just want to help these talented individuals land their dream job!

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Our Team

Nick Romick
CEO / Founder
Nick originally founded the VCGA (Vancouver Computer Graphics Association) in 2012 with the goal of bringing together the Vancouver Visual Effects, Film and Video Game Industry by offering social networking, training and open-source projects.
Fred Smith
Event Coordinator
Fred joined VanCG Meetup in 2012, became Event Coordinator in March, 2014, and is now the main “go-to” guy for all sponsors, volunteers and guest speakers. He manages and organizes the ‘Meet The Recruiter’ Events.
Louise Taylor
External Relations Liaison
Louise joined the VCGA team in early 2017 as part of the Job Portal Launch. She is in charge of liaising with both local and global VFX Studios, Game Developers and any companies looking to hire people in the industry.
Mat Conyers
Lead Developer
Mat came on board in early 2017 as the Lead Developer to ensure that the System was ready for launch to the general public. As the Head Developer, Mat is responsible for rolling out new features, fixing bugs, addressing requests and making sure the Portal is running at full efficiency.

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